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CORONA VIRUS and your child

From the Excel Team

Hello Parents .  These are tough and trying times . Everyone is worried about the impact of the corona virus on health , economics and future. Several of you have been calling our office regarding cough and fever  in your child. According to CDC children who are healthy and with normal immune system and no underlying  conditions such as diabetes or heart disease are in least danger  and actually can transfer it to other people who may be much more susceptible to the virus . Children with cough fever chills , may still have the flu and need to be seen by the doctor to check for ear infections , sinus problems , allergies etc . Most children age 12 months and over, will routinely experience fever, cough ,ear pain due to varying viruses that are around as they build their immunity . Children's immune systema are strong and designed to produce immune response to varied antigens. Unless there is asthma , wheezing , cough going on for a week ,high fever  , a common cold will last 7 days . Can these cold symptoms be due to Corona virus ? I do not know. May be . The most important thing to do , is treat symptoms , eat healthy, support hydration, keep surfaces clean and STAY HOME.  if it becomes necessary for you to bring the child to the office due to fever  more than 2 days cough more than 7 days  ear pain  , call and we will see you,at times in parking lot , or in our sick only side of the office. Stay calm, eat well, sleep well , wash hands often . Take kids outside to play  ,not to mingle . we have cancelled well check ups to practice social distancing and so we get time to prepare for coming months to keep well and sick separated  completely.


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